• Hydrogen conference at Herten

    FaktorPlus demonstrated their Celler research and laboratory bus with patented MultiGas-technology to the expert conference “Hydrogen as future fuel”.

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  • FP REFUELLING receives patent protection

    The FaktorPlus Refuelling System monitors each Diesel delivery with a calibrated counting device. Additionally it controls the dosing-process of FP 4000 in order to improve storage stability of the fuel.

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  • FaktorPlus H2-Technology receives Ministry of Transport approval

    With the help of our project partner Stadtwerke Muenster a common urban bus was converted into a dual-fuel-vehicle (Diesel/hydrogen) using the patented FP MultiGas-technology.

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  • Hanover Rück underwrites counterinsurance from energy savings

    The Hannover Rück has developed together with KlimaProtect an insurance for energy savings for companies. Through this insurance suppliers who offer solutions for energy efficiency can assure their potential of saving.

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                                                            FaktorPlus - your "plus" for ecology and economy







We offer certified solutions for the effective reduction of fuel consumption as well as reduction of harmful exhaust emissions of diesel operated engines/aggregates. Through a product mix perfectly concerted to your enterprise we are in a position to react flexibly to different technologies and thus offer always an optimal solution. Exclusive products which have been approved and certified by well-known institutes (as e.g. TÜV or DEKRA) will be applied.




This guarantees harmlessness as well as effectiveness. It is always our aim that due to reduced fuel demand and therefore respective financial savings, not only the costs for the FaktorPlus-CO2-System are covered, but furthermore a drastic saving remains for the customer to optimize their revenue. With the division “Service & Maintenance” we offer amongst others practice oriented solutions for “Monitoring” or “Tank Protection”.