FaktorPlus GreenTechnology GmbH


FaktorPlus GreenTechnology GmbH has been founded by Guenter Nolte and Florian Schenk in Celle in 2005 with the aim to reduce harmful emissions as well as fuel consumption for engines.


The focus was to cover the product costs through the achieved saving (net saving) for the customer and moreover to generate an additional benefit for him.
Several certifications of well-known domestic and foreign institutes (as e.g. TÜV Thüringen, TÜV Nord, DEKRA or Polcargo) confirm the effectivity and harmlessness of the products.


The extension of the product-/service offer finally lead to a modular system which can be adjusted individually in order to specifically solve the customer’s problems and to optimize operating procedures: The patented and branded FaktorPlus CO2-System.