FaktorPlus Conditioner


Our fuel conditioners FP 4000, FP 10000 and FP ARCTIC will be added to the fuel in the relative application ratio with every fill up. FP 4000 and FP ARCTIC are designed for diesel engines. FP 10000 is suitable for heating oil.


The utilization of our fuel conditioners leads to an improvement of the fuel quality on miscellaneous ways. A bacterial contamination of the tank can be eliminated resp. prevented. Moreover water retentions will be carried out resp. will be avoided. FP ARCTIC reduces the freezing point of the diesel, so that also in winter it remains free-flowing and can serve as reliable source of energy.


Moreover our conditioners have a cleaning effect in the fuel- and engine-system. Through the FaktorPlus tank system a fully automatic admixture can take place either stationary (tank farm) or mobile (onboard), so that FP 4000 Premium Fuel can be produced and a manual addition is not necessary. This is recommendable especially for companies with own tank farm.