FP PURGE - The fuel system cleaning



With increasing age of a fuel system it due to the system comes to addition and accumulations of varnish, resin and other contaminations which according to the quality of diesel can lead to an increasing pollution. They are not apparent from the outside, however, can drastically reduce the efficiency of the engine system. 

With our cleaning machine (FP PURGE machine) as well as the special cleaning fluid (FP PURGE Fluid) we are in a position to release the fuel system from contaminations and to bring it back to nearly the primitive state. This takes place by bypassing the tank with the machine and at running engine a diesel mixture circulates about 45 minutes through the engine. Thereby the FP PURGE machine continuously filters out the dissolved contaminations.


 The FP PURGE procedure is certified by TÜV, approved regarding fuel gasket compatibility and thus can be applied without hesitation. The procedure preferably will be executed by our skilled technicians directly at the customer.